Transformation basement units

Heesterveld continues to evolve. In 2014, the storage units in the basement, where drug dealing once took place, will be converted into eight business accommodations for, among others, a light designer, a piercing shop, and The Community Shop of Bijlmer Style, a local foundation aimed at discovering creative talent in Amsterdam Zuidoost. Music is an important part of Bijlmer Style, and therefore plays an important part in the shop as well. Music will be sold, and sneak previews can soon be seen and heard there. The cash register area will also function as DJ booth during performances, release parties, and theme nights. Eva has been responsible for the entire construction, from the initial sketches until the definite design. The architect of the conversion of the basement units is Urban Symbiose. Until everything is ready, Elon Lieberman is organising his Storage Space Exhibitions in the empty units, with art from Heesterveld residents and students of the Rietveld Academy (art academy).