NDSM Energy Cooperation

In order to provide the NDSM Shipyard with sustainable and environmentally friendly energy, Eva started the project “De Energiemaatschappij, dat zijn wij” (We are the Energy Society) in cooperation with advisory commission NEWNRG. The Energy Society is all about recycling, new ideas, and practical applications. Examples of this are the installation of a heat pump in the shipbuilding hall, the granting of permission for a small windmill in the old NDSM crane, an energy-autonomous houseboat (the geWoonboot), and the fuel station for Car & Mind. The latter was the first charging station for electrical cars in Amsterdam in 2006, as well as the first fuel station for purely vegetable oil. The mind can be recharged there as well, through meditation.

In 2012, Eva took up her ideas about environmentally friendly energy again by initiating the foundation of the NDSM Energy cooperation. Companies located at the NDSM Shipyard have united in this initiative, with the joint purchase and exploitation of the one to three large windmills on the northern bank of the river IJ as their goal. This way, they want to meet their own energy requirements. Some of the participants are BAM, Shipdock, HEMA, Greenpeace, MTV, Red Bull, PLLek, Noorderlicht, Botel, artists, and independent entrepreneurs. Other goals of NDSM Energy are to promote sustainability, to buy collectively, to engage in the dialogue, and to contribute to a better and smarter future for the NDSM Shipyard by pioneering today.

For more information, see: www.ndsmenergie.nl