In 2008, Eva was at the conference Yokahama Creative City at the invitation of the Yokohoma city council. The development of the NDSM Shipyard was the most important topic at the conference. Eva also visited several districts of the city to watch and listen in on various non-profit organisations and local artist initiatives. These districts and the approach of the city council are very similar to Amsterdam’s 1012 project: a large-scale cleanup in neighbourhoods where prostitution and criminality seem to be in charge, as was the case in the Red Light District of Amsterdam. As a result of this visit, Eva became involved in the Yokohama Triennials: the most influential international expo of modern art in Japan.

Besides her contacts in Japan, Eva was asked to advise on the redevelopment of the Namura Shipyard in Osaka in 2010. She has also initiated a cultural exchange programme between the artists of the NDSM Shipyard and the Osaka Creative Centre. Every year, an NDSM artist will spend a month in Osaka as ‘artist in residence’. Eva will return to Japan in February of 2014, together with the NDSM artist Jeroen Bisscheroux.