Frontage design

The frontage clearly shows that Heesterveld is evolving. The mural on the frontage of Heesterveld will be finished in September 2013. Amsterdam Zuidoost lacks a strong identity for cultural organizations, and that is why Eva and her team decided on a visible change to the building itself, which would mark Heesterveld as a cultural hotspot: a mural on the frontage and large lights on the roof.

The design is by Floor Wesseling, a graffiti artist turned graphic designer, who was born and raised in Amsterdam-Zuidoost. With his design, the collectivism of the incubator is emphasized on the outside, while the inside of the building actually stresses the individuality of the tenants. This makes the mural more than decoration: it also identifies the individual homes, a feature most post-war buildings lack. Like the Heesterveld Creative Community, the design of the frontage was inspired by the character of the Bijlmer. In Heesterveld, this is apparent in the persistent presence of hip-hop, rap, and poetry as art forms. The frontage mural emphasizes the Bijlmer roots with its colours and its iconographic visual language.