Art project ‘De Valigia on Rails’

De Valigia is Italian for ‘suitcase’, and refers to the artwork by the Italian sculptor Gianpaolo d’Andrea Moravecchia. In 1995, Gianpaolo exhibited the suitcase pieces of 30 Italian and 30 Dutch artists with De Valigia, in the Open Haven Museum in Amsterdam. There, he met the German artist Hans Kalliwoda and the foundation De Blinde Schilders (The Blind Painters). Together, they created ‘De Valigia on Rails’: a travelling art exhibition in a gallery made of refurbished wagons of 15 European railway companies. The goal was to collect the cultural baggage of Europe and take it to its final destination: the Museo Bagagli in the North-Italian town of Treviso.

In every country visited by De Valigia, 30 local artists were invited to decorate their own wagon with an artwork ‘about suitcases’. This way, the railway stations of the European capitals were turned into temporary exhibition rooms. The train travelled from Denmark, to Greece, former Yugoslavia, Hungary, and Austria, and that way became a symbol of the cultural baggage of Europe.

Eva has worked for De Blinde Schilders for three years, as head of sponsoring. After a time, De Valigia continued its journey as The Europartrain.