Cafe-restaurant Noorderlicht

A group of young women from Amsterdam once investigated building with straw bales and catering. They had built houses with recycled materials before, at Westerdok and the ADM terrain. Now, they turned to straw as building material. Stro & Co (Straw and Co.) was founded, and, after various straw-building projects across the world, they erected a temporary straw cafe called De Houten Kop (The Wooden Head) on the NDSM grounds. Later, and closer to the river IJ, they built restaurant Noorderlicht (Northern Light). Eva got them involved in her plans for the NDSM Shipyard, provided a network, and arranged financing and construction management. Noorderlicht opened its doors in 2006. Today, Noorderlicht has become a successful restaurant with a place in the Top 25 of Amsterdam.