When studying Communications, Eva travelled around the world for a few years to become a war correspondent. In 1995, she wanted some peace and quiet, and headed into the Alps as a goat herder. Every year, Swiss farmers were looking for young people to take on the care of a herd of goats. Her daily tasks were milking, haying, shoveling manure, making cheese, taking the cheese to the valley to sell, and of course taking the herd out to graze. The six months she spent in the mountains changed her life. ‘Her’ alp was only accessible on foot. The mountain was steep, the weather was unpredictable and the loneliness was sometimes overwhelming. It gave her perseverance and belief in her own capabilities.

Back in the Netherlands, she sought out the people she wanted to work with: artists and young entrepreneurs with initiative. She went to work for the Guild of Industrial Buildings along the river IJ, an association of cultural buildings in Amsterdam. Together with other shelters in the city, Eva caused a change in the thinking of the city council of Amsterdam in late nineties, which went on to support artists, crafts, and creative entrepreneurs in their initiatives and creating their own work and living space. Gradually, the city council began with the incubator policy, which resulted in the internationally praised NDSM site.