Skate park Amsterdam

In 2005, Skatepark Amsterdam was built inside the shipbuilding hall, next to Kunststad (Art City). Skaters from Vrieshuis Amerika, one of the cleared squats along the river IJ, came together and applied themselves to building a new skate park in the NDSM hall. Eva helped them realize this project. She arranged financing and coached the skaters during the building process so they could continue independently. What started as a group of  ‘skaters from the streets’ turned into a group of focused, enterprising young people. Today, they are the managers of one of the leading skate parks of Europe. Both national and international top talent makes an appearance at Skatepark Amsterdam, and celebrities such as Lil Wayne also visit the park.

As per 1 January 2014 the Skatepark closes by order of the Amsterdam city council as they allocate the ground to the developing of commercial trade and exploitation. The Skatepark, artists of the neighbouring Kunststad and other commercial tenants present at the NDSM Shipyard have expressed their opposing opinion and regret the decision made. As for the current inhabitants it is the Skatepark that forms a pivotal part of the identity of the shipyard.