Open Innovation Capital

In 2008, Eva initiated Open Innovation Capital, in cooperation with Layana Mokoginta, Maarten Bruns and Ruud Vriens. They organised a series of meetings, with the aim to investigate innovation based on the open-source ideals of the Internet.

The participants of Open innovation Capital came from  various lines of business, such as communication, technology, housing, project development, sustainable energy systems, advertising, film, universities, bureaus for scientific research, visual arts, and television. The backgrounds of the participants ranged from employee of a large multinational to self employed.

The basic idea was to make the results, concepts, and the related sources public, so they could be further developed by others in an open environment. The belief was ‘an idea is never finished’: by involving the mental capacities of others, an idea can keep evolving.

Due to the different backgrounds of the participants, the topics of conversation were divers, varying from the Internet to housing, from generating energy to the visual arts. Within Open Innovation Capital, Eva was working on open-source area development. Her conviction regarding this area, also important in her other work, was that municipal campaigns should be more focused on the future users and neighbours of locations under development, and less on the project developers and housing corporations. NDSM, and later Heesterveld, are successful examples of this different method.