NDSM Shipyard

For years, since the bankruptcy of the Nederlandse Scheepsbouw en Droogdok Maatschappij (NDSM, the Dutch Shipbuilding and Dry dock Company) in 1984, the NDSM Shipyard in the Northern part of Amsterdam stood abandoned. With the exception of the occasional flea market or show by the experimental theatre group Dogtroep, not much was happening on the grounds.

In 1998, a dozen old factories and wharves in Amsterdam were cleared or nominated to be cleared. More than thousand artists, designers, theatre makers, and other creative entrepreneurs were about to lose their workspace, including Eva.

In 2000, Eva won the competition held by Stadsdeel Noord (Northern district authority of Amsterdam) to find a temporary function for the eastern part of the NDSM grounds (84.000 m2). She gathered the right people around her, wrote the concept of development, conducted a feasibility study, arranged the necessary financing and additional subsidies, and was responsible for the whole process, from design until building permit. Under the name Kinetisch Noord (Kinetic North), and together with a group of theatre makers, skateboarders, and sustainable entrepreneurs, she moved into a gigantic shipbuilding hall. Initially, the foundation Kinetisch Noord was ‘just’ a workgroup, but it became the managing foundation and the initiator of special projects, such as Kunststad, Skatepark Amsterdam and restaurant Noorderlicht. In 2008, Eva had finished this major accomplishment, and the management fell into the hands of the authority owning the building and working closely with the community of creative tenants.

NDSM has got what it takes. As early as 2002, the Ministries for Urban Planning, Environmental and Economic Affairs nominated Eva’s project the exemplary project for city renovation in the Netherlands. In just a few years, NDSM Shipyard became one of the cultural hotspots in Amsterdam, and is still worthy of that description today. NDSM has meanwhile grown into one of Europe’s largest incubators. The ever-growing Kunststad with its many creatives, the skate park, MTV, the many festivals organized there, such as Over ‘t IJ Festival and Valtifest, and of course restaurants Pllek and Noorderlicht, once again make the once-abandoned NDSM Shipyard appealing to all ages. The ferry docks at NDSM again!