Layana Mokoginta, PR Mansion

Power, passion and vision, this characterises Eva best when she sketches how urban development could be done. Economic, social and cultural development can go hand in hand, that is her absolute conviction. She’s surprisingly down to earth, when she combines an economic approach with her business views on creativity and entrepreneurship. But she does this from a completely different perspective than traditional urban development – according to Eva: development is something you do together. Participatory local development guarantees it matches local needs. Diversity guarantees cross-pollination, economic binding and social cohesion. Through her artists collective Kinetisch Noord, she has shown how you can turn an unattractive and unviable area into a creative hotspot. Because that is what you can call the NDSM Wharf in North Amsterdam nowadays. Now you have to make sure this hotspot stays out of the hands of commercial parties and developers, who are all too eager to take it over for peanuts. Who forget that in the end what they are buying is a white elephant, because to develop successfully, you have to do it together.