Art City NDSM

In 2007, Kunststad arose inside the large shipbuilding hall of the NDSM Shipyard. Kunststad (Art City) is a city designed and built by the citizens themselves, with 80 studios and business premises, 12 large theatre workshops, and an indoor skate park. To get as much creative freedom and diversity as possible, it was decided to build only cascos: a framework of steel  and concrete, that could be finished by the artists and entrepreneurs themselves. The divisions of Kunststad were fixed according to the light coming in through the roof of the hall. This formed the light streets along which the cascos were placed. Eva was the initiator and process manager from the beginning until the building permit and the eventual build. She took the initiative, drafted a concept design for the cascos and organized a building workshop with the users. She also became a citizen of Kunststad. Eva designed and built her own container office.