Curriculum vitae

©Winand Stut

1986-1991 Communication Sciences, University of Amsterdam
1985-1987 Psychology, University of Amsterdam
1984-1985 Youth Welfare, University of Applied Sciences Jekerdal Maastricht
1977-1984 Pre-university Education Veenlanden College Mijdrecht

Developer cultural real estate and urban sport, consultant, guest speaker, author, creative producer

Co-operative urban regeneration: community building, participation, self-organization, coaching, consultancy and lectures
Art and culture: international art productions, intercultural exchange

Eva works for
Governments, housing corporations, investors, developers, universities of applied science, technical universities, art institutions, artists, architectural centres and citizen initiatives

NL projects

2020-2021 Development Incubator Space at the former printing factory De Drukkerij in Alkmaar

2019 Fair Tourism Conference / WeMakeTheCity Festival Amsterdam

2018-2019 Urban Sport Zone, Molenwijk, Amsterdam-North

2018 Made Up North, NDSM Amsterdam
Development company for participatory redevelopment of an harbor area in Amsterdam-North to create a place around great craft to keep craftsmanship in, or bring it back to, the city. In terms of space, buildings, but also in terms of social activities. By setting up a modern guild of entrepreneurs who bring their production back to the city with their workspaces and, in collaboration with vocational schools, offer young people the chance to learn a real profession and become master with your hands. 

2018 Book publication ‘Make Your City’
Eva is one of the initiators of the redevelopment of the NDSM shipyard. This is her personal story about organisational processes, ups and downs, and the complex relationship with authorities. However, it is first and foremost a guide to self-development in the city.

2017-2018 Performance ‘Escape from Anonymouse’
In co-operation with Keito Kohara from Creative Centre Osaka, Eva organized and produced an artist-in-residency at the NDSM for the famous Harajuku Kawaii pioneer Sebastian Masuda based in Tokyo. This led to the performance and art installation ‘Escape from Anonymouse’. The installation will be on show in world’s largest Street Art Museum opening end of 2018 or beginning 2019

2017-today Indoor Skate Park ‘NOORD’

2017 Outdoor Skate Park ‘Flipperkast’

2017 Parkeergarage Buikslotermeerplein
Study for the re-use of an unused parking deck at the Shopping Mall Buikslotermeerplein for the benefit of an urban sports play field. Commissioned by the City of Amsterdam and the District Amsterdam North. This led to the outdoor Skate Park ‘Flipperkast’ on a better location close to the new Metro North

2016-2017 Business caseCultural Centre Leidsche Rijn ‘by and for makers’ / City of Utrecht

2015-2016 Experimental Zone Westpoort / City district Amsterdam Nieuw-West

2013-2014 Maison Descartes
Advisory and support of the residents society Wetering Verbetering (Centre of Amsterdam) for the urban development and link up of the monumental estate Maison Descartes with the new metro line stop Vijzelstraat. Key goals: supervision through the residents, urban entrepreneurship, ensuring overall sustainability, local democracy and new economy

2013 Garage Kempering
Exploring the possibilities of repurposing and temporary exploitation of the four floor garage, benefitting city gardening and small-scale businesses. Commissioned by Projectbureau Verniewing Bijlmermeer, District Amsterdam Zuidoost

2012 De Ceuvel (Amsterdam Noord)
Advisor for the association De Ceuvel. Aim: temporary function use former shipyard De Ceuvel in Amsterdam Noord by sustainable companies, city gardening, local entrepreneurs from the neighbourhood, architects, shipbuilders, and caterers

2012-2014 NDSM Energy
Initiative and organisation cooperation NDSM Energy. Uniting companies, located on the NDSM Shipyard and the Cornelis Douwes site, aiming for the joint purchasing and exploitation of windmills and solar panels for generating energy to fullfill own energy requirements

2011-2014 Knowledge platform Tussentijd in Ontwikkeling (The Hague)
Co-initiator nationwide platform, aiming for urban development as a process of change without end view. The platform calls for urban planning that employs the existing qualities and users, aims for innovatory use of empty buildings. The platform is a place for exchanging knowledge and development about the temporary use of an already-built environment

2011-2012 Open Atelier Amstel III (Amsterdam Zuidoost)
Investigating preconditions for temporary programming empty office locations business area Amstell II. Commissioned by city council Amsterdam

2010-2011 Museum Het Schip (Amsterdam)
Fund acquisition; development strategy and plan of action for financing expansion museum Het Schip about the Amsterdamse School. Commissioned by Stichting De Golf

2010-2011 Icon Network (Amsterdam)
Concept development sustainable strategy for society-conscious campaignes (e.g. FLEXA)

2010 Free zone De Baarsjes (Amsterdam)
Survey, documentation and film “In de tussentijd een vrijplaats”.  Research into opportunities for a shelter in De Baarsjes. Commissioned by Stadsdeel Amsterdam West

2009-2014 Heesterveld Creative Community
Concept and realization cultural living/working building Heesterveld Creative Community ;project organization; community building; founding tenants association; design frontage; development construction projects; managing remodeling; starting-up cultural programming. Commissioned by Ymere

2009-2010 Asian Muziekcentrum (Amsterdam)
Writing policy for Asian Muziekcentrum. Commissioned by Stadsdeel De Baarsjes

2009-2010 Go West 2012 (Amsterdam)
Writing project plan Sloteproms: amateur music and theatre shows at the close of cultural year 2012 in Amsterdam New West. Commissioned by Studio West

2007-2009 Hip hop school Solid Ground Movement (Amsterdam)
Interim business manager; responsible for professionalizing and imbedding hip-hop school in Amsterdam Noord (from 2013 in the Tolhuistuin)

2009 Matchmaker De Baarsjes (Amsterdam)
Attract creative and crafts companies; filling programme various buildings and shopping streets De Baarsjes. Commissioned by Stadsdeel De Baarsjes

2008-2010 Open Innovation Capital (Amsterdam)
Co-initiator and co-founder, think tank based on ‘open-source’ ideals of the Internet. Aiming for area development and innovative projects in urban renovation

2008 Supermarket Songspiel (Amsterdam)
Project plan and subsidy application for opera and musical theatre show in several supermarkets in the Netherlands. Commissioned by Stichting ‘t Beemstervarken

2007-2009 Hip hop school Solid Ground Movement (Amsterdam)
Interim business manager; responsible for professionalizing and imbedding hip-hop school in Amsterdam Noord (from 2013 in the Tolhuistuin)

2006-2007 Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst (Amsterdam)
Pilot project Cultuurverkenner Amsterdam Noord. Commissioned by Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst (Art Fund)

1999-today NDSM Shipbuilding Warehouse yard (Amsterdam Noord)
Initiator of the  redevelopment NDSM Shipyard, founder Kinetisch Noord, concept development, feasibility study and operational plan for the repurpose of the eastern part of the NDSM Shipyard involving 6 building projects: Art City (80 studios and offices), Oostvleugel (12 crafts and theatre work space), Vrije Kavels (steel, transport, pottery, and shipbuilding work space), Dazzleville (temporary studios in the public space), Skatepark Amsterdam and restaurant Noorderlicht (84.000 m2)

1998-1999 Silo Theater (Oerol, Terschelling)
Fund acquisition and researchsponsering-production ‘Weg’

1995-1998 Stichting De Blinde Schilders (Throughout Europe)
Head PR and sponsoring ‘De Valigia on Rails’: travelling art exhibition with theme: cultural baggage of Europe. In Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Greece, Serbia, Hungary, and Austria, train compartments were converted into galleries. The result was 8 wagons with suitcase artworks and 240 participating artists with different nationalities.

International projects

2019-2020 Pop Up Art City Shintora Village Tokyo (Japan)

2019 Publication Make City Berlin / Francesca Fergusson, Berlin (Germany)

2019 Munich Night at the WeMakeThe.City Festival in Amsterdam

2018-today Berlin Tempelhof (Germany)

2018 Make City Berlin (Germany)

2015-2016 GoGa Management & Nodeul Island / Urban Transformation, Seoul (South Korea)

2015 UN Habitat Future of Places, Stockholm (Sweden)

2014 SCAPES:LAB / Centar Architekture, Beograd, Novi Sad (Serbia)

2014 Redevelopment Cinema Saturn / Moscow Youth Multifunctional Centre (Russia)

2014 Redevelopment Neu Marx Halle / WSE / City of Vienna (Austria)

2013 Perspectivas y oportunidades de la cuidad construida / Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo, Valencia (Spain)

2012 Greek Galata School, Istanbul (Turkey)
Expert for planning and repurposing Galata School, historical building in old centre of Istanbul. Commissioned by Nederlands Architectuur Instituut en Greek Galata School Foundation

2012 International Building Exhibition IBA Berlin (Germany)
Preparatory workshops, inspiration meetings and surveys for programme-based agenda  of IBA 2020. Commissioned by Der Senatsverwaltung Berlin and KW Institute for Contemporary Art

2011 Redevelopment Jutier- en Tonnenhalle / City of Munich (Germany)

2010-2017 Namura wharf Osaka (Japan)
Expert redevelopment Namura shipyard; cultural exchange Osaka Creative Centre. At the invitation of Chishima Foundation for Creative Osaka. Cultural exchange NDSM-Osaka with Robodock (2011), Jeroen Bisscheroux (2013) and Sebastian Masuda (2017)

2010 Space Activism Marathon Berlin (Germany)
International workshop over several days about special  interventions, art, architecture, public space, and activism. At the invitation of Studio Olafur Eliasson and in cooperation with Institüt für Raumexperimente

2009 Redevelopment Godsbanen, Aarhus (Denmark)

2008 Yokohama Creative City (Japan)
Expert conference, working visits and formulating recommendations. Commissioned by City of Yokohama

2007 Berlin Tempelhof (Germany)
Workshop redevelopment Berlin Tempelhof, former airport. Commissioned by Der Senatsverwaltung Berlin and in cooperation with Urban Catalyst Berlin. Result: temporary development grounds.