Boards and committees

2018 – now Advisory Council Tempelhof Projekt GmbH (Berlin)

2016 –  now Amsterdam-North Platform for Business & Tourism

2016-now: Foundation Parels voor de Zwijnen (Amsterdam)
Theatre company of professional and amateur actors and performances that occur intuitive and are literally taken from life.

2015-now: Advisory Board Urban Communication Foundation (New York)

2015-now: Hotmamahot (Amsterdam)
Secretary of art collective Hotmamahot, which runs the community building De Gele Tanker (Yellow Tanker), located in a former petrol station on the fringe of the Noorderpark (North Park) in Amsterdam-North

2012-2016: Aslan Music Centre (Amsterdam)
Board member of Aslan Music Centre, front runner in music education and teacher training in the Netherlands, also responsible for music and dance performances and student exchange programs worldwide.

2008-now: Stichting I (Maastricht)
Board member of the foundation for ideas, inspiration and innovation in Maastricht, capital of South of Holland. Foundation I aims to inspire a large audience with art and culture, facilitate connections between government, corporations and individuals, and promote the intercultural exchange in Europe. Foundation I is responsible for conferences, debates and art exhibitions in former industrial buildings like Sphinx, Ainsi and Timmerfabriek in Maastricht.

2005-now: Association Het Gilde van Werkgebouwen aan het IJ (Amsterdam)
President of the Guild of Industrial Buildings Upon het IJ, an interest group of 24 cultural buildings along the river IJ in Amsterdam. The Guild is the initiator of the bottom-up urban planning model “Stad als Casco”(1996) which Eva applied to the Kunststad (Art City) at the NDSM Shipyard. The Guild also  published The Turning Tide, the users role in the redevelopment of harbour buildings in North-West Europe, with case study’s in Amsterdam, Bristol, Copenhagen, Dublin, Liverpool, Odense, Rostock and Szczecin.

2005-2015: Artimobiel (Amsterdam)
Board member of Artimobiel, an alternative and small-scale travel agency for art, culture and fun, and  the exchange between people and organizations throughout Europe working in the field of mutual solidarity.

2009-2012: Foundation NDSM Underseas (Amsterdam)
Initiator, board member, president of the foundation responsible for the development of a multi-functional youth centre with Skatepark Amsterdam, Climbing Hall Centraal, rehearsal space for theatre, music and dance, and office space  for youth organizations and (urban) sport suppliers.

2008-2011: Foundation (Amsterdam)
Board member of the Dutch foundation for the culture vessel Stubnitz from Rostock (Germany).

2006-2009: Advisory committee Kunst and Cultuur (Stadsdeel Amsterdam Noord)
Member of the Art Council of District Authority Amsterdam North

1997-2005: Association Het Gilde van Werkgebouwen aan het IJ (Amsterdam)
Spokesperson for the Guild of Industrial Buildings Upon het IJ, an association protecting the interest of 24 cultural buildings and DIY communities located around the river IJ.

2000-2004: Sounding board Bureau Broedplaatsen (Amsterdam)
Catalyzer and member of Bureau Broedplaatsen (Amsterdam Incubator Fund), founded by the city council of Amsterdam in 2000; responsible for affordable and self-organized workspace for artists, cultural entrepreneurs and craftsmen in the city.

1999-2002: Foundation Kinetisch Noord (Amsterdam)
Founder & president of the foundation Kinetisch Noord, responsible for the redevelopment and organization of the NDSM Shipbuilding Warehouse and part of the outdoor premises.

2001: Kunst van Vooruitzien (Amsterdam)
Member core group of Kunst van Vooruitzien (The Art of Looking Ahead). Initiative of cultural entrepreneurs and directors from the cultural and corporate sector, responsible for the Manifesto for the Art Program for the City of Amsterdam.