In 2007, the city of Berlin (Germany) sought Eva’s expertise for the redevelopment of the Berlin Tempelhof, the closed airport. Tempelhof is situated in the centre of the city and spans 3,5 km2. Eva participated in a workshop about the redevelopment of the huge building, the landing strip, and the surrounding fields. In this context, she introduced the involvement of the residents of Neukölln, the neighbouring district. Today, a large park has been constructed in phases, with initiatives from the neighbourhood, room to relax, but also with space for vegetable gardens and a closed-off area left to nature. Areas on the fringes of the airport are being renovated, and expositions, large events, and shows are being held in the old airport buildings. Concerts and raves are also organised in the park. This way, Tempelhof Freiheit is a new green heart for Berlin and her people.

Since 2007, Eva has regularly been invited back to Berlin. In 2010, for example, she participated in the Space Activism Marathon of the Olafur Eliasson’s Institüt für Raumexperimente, an international conference on spatial interventions, art, architecture, and public spaces. In 2012, at the invitation of the city council, Eva took part in the Internationale Bau Ausstelling (IBA) symposium Sleeping Giants, about the reusing of old industrial buildings.

Eva’s involvement in Berlin does not end here. In 2012, commissioned by the KW Institute for Contemporary Art, and in cooperation with TU Berlin, she worked on a series of workshops, inspirational meetings, and surveys for the Make Shift Conference in Berlin. reconnaissance

At the beginning of 2013, the city council and Buro Happold approached Eva to carry out a survey on providing Tempelhof Berlin with sustainable energy applications, with NDSM Energy as shining, international example. Both symposium and conference lead up to the program of IBA2020, the third international architecture exposition, which will take place in Berlin. Berlin Tempelhof will have a special role, but other industrial buildings will receive a lot of attention as well. Bottom-up development, from the users themselves, will be considered in particular. Eva will be closely involved with the program of IBA2020.